Transformative Coaching In A Supportive Group Setting

This Powerful Coaching Program is designed to bring you the life-enhancing benefits of coaching combined with the support and accountability of an aligned community. Small group coaching is limited to 30 women who are ready to shine the light on previously hidden areas of their lives, clean out the cobwebs, and step into a vibrantly new business and life.  

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Perspective is a powerful tool.  Right now, your view of your life is limited. You’ve felt stuck for months, maybe even years. You bought into the belief that you were supposed to take a traditional path - one that would please “them.” It doesn’t matter who “they” are; it could be your spouse, your boss, your kids, or your friends.

What matters is that you’re not living the life YOU desire to live.


If only you could step outside of your current struggle, you’d be able to see new opportunities and doors opening all around you. That’s the benefit of coaching - and group coaching, specifically.  By providing you with the benefit of perspective outside of your own viewpoint, your awareness of opportunity begins to expand.


Being surrounded and enfolded by a supportive, life-giving group will help you walk in your purpose confidently AND competently.


Imagine if you could:

 Do work that fulfills your soul’s calling

Restore broken relationships

Heal past traumas and move past painful experiences

Find JOY in your JOURNEY

Experience everyday happiness - in both the big AND small moments of life

Master your money and call in more of it

Move forward in your business with meaning and momentum


My Signature Happy By Design Academy is designed to provide you with powerful breakthroughs in life and business in a transformative group coaching setting.

"“I would like to say since starting this class, since changing my thoughts, since decluttering my mind and life, since showing courage and kindness, and since making different choices and since believing love trumps all, my life has completely changed and I am beginning to live happy by design. I had to dig real deep to decide what I really wanted in life... I am so thankful and grateful for this class... I would like to add that ...I have nurtured all my relationships now and feel more balanced than ever in my life... All I know is wow... Thank you for being part of my life transformation!” "

Beverly Hill

I’ve been called a Life Purpose Renewal Coach, and anyone who knows my background can testify that I’m a walking example of a renewed life.

Here are just a few hurdles I’ve had to overcome to move toward my joyful life:

Child abuse




Failed businesses

Money Woes

There’s more, but I think you get the picture!

It would have been pretty easy to look at my life and decide to hold onto resentment. I could have rested in a victim mentality (I see hundreds of people doing this all around me).

But deep down, I knew that I was created for MORE - and so are you!

Whatever you’ve been through, there’s a bigger purpose - a breakthrough calling - for your life.  And it’s your responsibility to explore that calling and walk into it with your whole mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Happy By Design Academy will take you through intense personal discovery in an intimate and supportive group setting. You’ll gain a powerful perspective on your current life struggles so that you can conquer and move past them toward your TRUE PURPOSE.

This work has the potential to transform your entire life, and the group setting will give you the added benefit of life-giving Community.

One of the key components of my own personal story is that I’ve successfully navigated many (and varied) life transitions. If you are a woman who desires to move into a new, more expansive, supportive phase of life, I am uniquely equipped to help you prosper.


Book your Complimentary 45-Minute Discovery Session Below. We’ll discuss the Happy By Design Academy and whether it’s the right fit for you.

"“Right about the time you started the program, I had received a devastating diagnosis, and everything I knew went out the window.  I was lost. It was just wonderful to get ahold of my thoughts, get specific about what I wanted and to pursue that and not let this ruin my wasn’t necessary!  The unknowns are okay. But I am in control and I can tap into my Prover mind by being aware of what I’m thinking. To shift out of the negative thoughts and stay with the positive ones.  I’m very grateful. This information is familiar to me, but how you explained it so clear and now I understand it and can now apply it to my life. I’m making shifts and getting in alignment of who I need to be, of what I need to do and what I WANT to do.  I find that since starting, people are coming into my life that are helpful to me...proving that when I get into the right mindset that I am attracting them. I just really grateful for your program!”"

Dr. Janet Roman, ND

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:  Wendy, I’m concerned about making it to the coaching calls with my schedule. What if I can’t be on live?

Answer: Don’t worry! All of the calls are recorded, and you’ll be able to post your questions in our private FB group so that you can receive answers and support even if you’re not able to be on live. I also make every effort to schedule the live calls at times when members have indicated that their schedules will allow them to attend.

Question: I’m looking for coaching, but I’d really prefer one-to-one support. 

Answer: If you’re looking for private support, you’ll want to check out my Signature Private Coaching Page. However, before you discount group work, please know that the perspective of the different group members and the community of like-minded individuals will help you gain powerful insights into your life and business.  I’d love to support you in either private or group coaching - each has its unique benefits, and both can be transformative.

Question: I’m ready to begin this work, but the price is holding me back. Do you offer payment plans?

Answer: Absolutely!  I designed this program with multiple payment options so that you can choose the investment level that feels most supportive to you.  I understand that coaching may be one of the biggest investments you’ve made in yourself to date. Don’t let money hold you back from pursuing your dreams and becoming the person you were created to be.

Question: Do you offer refunds?

Answer: No refunds are offered for the Metamorphosis Mentorship. The group is carefully curated and is by interview only. For that reason, I expect you to be FULLY COMMITTED to the program, and once you’re in, you’re in to stay.

Question: I didn’t see my question listed! Can you help me?

Answer: Of course! Just send an email to [email protected] with your question, and someone from my team will respond to you within 24 hours.

It’s time to transform your life.

Purpose, fulfillment and joy are yours for the taking. It’s your responsibility to run hard after your dreams and desires. I’ll support you in reaching all of them through the Metamorphosis Mentorship.

Schedule your Complimentary 45-Minute Strategy Call below, and let’s have an honest conversation about whether Mentorship is YOUR key to the life you desire.

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